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Deck Building, Deck Replacement and Deck Cleaning.

Deck Building, Deck Replacement and Deck Cleaning.

Deck Building, Deck Replacement and Deck Cleaning.

 So you think you want to build a deck or you need it repaired. A outdoor living area, also can be known as a patio or deck is a great addition to any home. Here are a few things to consider when taking on a deck job. 

  1. A deck can be a expensive addition and the maintenance of the deck will go on forever.
  2. Is the deck going to be made of wood or PVC material?
  3. If you are building with PVC decking and need a railing system, ask if corners will be 45 degrees or 90's. 90's will be less expensive, a lot less.
  4. PVC decking will scratch. If you have pets you may want to look into this.
  5. Is the deck going to be water tight?
  6. Is the deck going to be more then 0 inches off the ground? (that is the height were the railing system is required in most states.)
  7. If the deck is to be less then a foot off the ground, you may think about a stamped concrete patio, less maintenance and might be less expensive to build.
  8. Building on a hill side? This brings in so many more items to look out for when you hire a pro. The bigest is the footing on the hill site...

 Here are a few things to ask your contractor when he gives you a bid.

  1. Is the sub frame of the deck going to be made of pressure treated lumber?
  2. Is the footings for the posts concreted into the ground or sitting on blocks.
  3. If you are building a cedar deck. Are the cedar boards going to be pre-stained before you install them on the sub frame. Better to pre stain then doing it later, as pre staining you can do the whole board.
  4. Are the decking boards going to be full length of the deck?
  5. Will the deck have a pitcher frame around it? (Not the railing but the outside boards of the decking)Deck Builders
  6. Will the railing system have 2 posts in each corner or just 1?
  7. Does the deck come with a warranty?
  8. If you are going to use pressure treated boards (they have little holes in them) for the top decking boards just be forewarned they will twist and turn. I'v seen them actually break the decking screws and have to be replaced.
  9. A cedar deck should be re stained every couple years.
  10. Is the deck attached to the home with the proper lag bolts.


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