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Posted 03/09/2019 in Basic Help

Free Home Phone Number - Google Voice

Free Home Phone Number - Google Voice

Did you know that Google Voice is a totally free phone service?

No more phone bill is what we are talking about. With one small piece of equipment from Amazon, You can replace your home phone line from the phone company, including the bill. All you need is internet service.

If you already have a email account with Gmail you are half way there. With every gmail account you can receive 1 free phone number with voice mail. That you can have forward to your cell phone or just have it go to a computer at your office and be your voice mail system.

 Here is the best option for a free land line phone number:

Pick up the ObiHai 2 port Google Voice interface at Amazon, program in 2 free phone numbers from Google and put it in front of your phone system as extra lines or replace of a couple of the lines in your hunt group. Keep your main line that has your business phone number that you have posted everywhere and add these into your hunt group as extra outgoing lines.

Step by Step on how to get a free land line phone number for your home or business: 


Commercial businesses need to ask themselves these questions:

  • Do you have a company phone system at work?
  • Do you have multiple people on different phone lines through out the day.
  • Do you understand how to work the phone system you have in place?
  • Do you have to pay a tech to work on your phone system?
  • Are you looking to replace your phone system?
  • Does your monthly phone bill resemble a car payment?

Search Google Voice for videos on YouTube.

Search Amazon for ObiHai. Under $70 for 2 phone lines. No phone bill ever again...