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Posted 10/21/2020 in Basic Help

House Water Filter System

House Water Filter System

Tips on setting up a water filter system for your house for under $300.

First off I'll tell you, our well water is full of iron and sediment. Our neighbors and us have tried salt water system, the big house filter systems that cost over $1500. And even Ultra violet light. Of course the ultra violet light does great for killing any little bacteria's and mold issues.

So we built a new pump house and at this time we decided to try a new filter system idea. 

But first here are a couple of tips you should think of while building a pump house.

  • When designing the pump house allow for the need to remove the pump and the pipes that are going down the well shaft. We designed our pump house with the well head in the pump house due to the covered porch that is right next to the pump house. When roofing the pump house we installed a roof air went directly above the well head. 2 easy screws and the air vent comes off and we have access to the well head and pipes.
  • Before installing the tank and plumbing put insulate and install plywood on the inside walls.
  • Always have a light socket that can handle some heat from a heat lamp. In the winter we use a heat lamp to keep the pump house above freezing temp.

Ok here is my house water filter system that we built, and so far it is working great.

Our system is built with 1" pipe and we have a 3 bedroom, 2 bath home. Our first system I built had enough volume of water, but when I rebuilt the pump house I doubled the volume of the system. 

The system feed from right side to the left. The first  on the right filters catch the bulk of the sediment. The middle filters catch anything that gets past the 1st filter. The left filters catch all the fine sediment, down to 1 Micron. We have ample water volume with this setup. The pipe across the bottom is a by-pass, If I close the gate valves to the filters and open the lower valve it will by-pass the filter system and go straight to the house with no filters.

If you have sand problems. I would put a settling tank in front of the filter system.

  1. We bought 6 Dupont water filters. 
  2. 4 basic filter cartridge's.
  3. 2 - 1 micron filters.

I plumbed the system like any normal pump house. I installed the filter system on the back wall that we installed the plywood on. Then I installed the filter system before the line went to the house, but after any hose bibs, I don't need that water filtered. 

The top row of filters is one complete system and the bottom row of filters is a second complete system.

The bottom row was my first go at the idea (that's why they are dirty looking) I doubled the volume by just adding a couple "T" joints and a little more pipe.

I need to change the first set of filters (right side filters) about every 2 weeks or so. The filter in the middle about 4 weeks. After about 8 weeks the water starts to smell funny so we change the filter on the left, the 1 micron filter. 




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