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Posted 03/02/2019 in Basic Help

How to get Internet to a hard to reach areas of your home or shop

How to get Internet to a hard to reach areas of your home or shop

Are you needing to get a hard wired internet connection to a hard to reach area of your home or in a out building?

This short article is to show you a easy way to get internet connection to a hard to reach area of your home or maybe a shop. 

Many people will tell you to just go WiFi... ---WRONG--- 

If you can hard-wire a connection into your TV or what ever you will be far better off in the long run then using WiFi.

Think of a WiFi antenna on your modem, as a garden hose. The garden hose will feed the single sprinkler in the garden just fine but if you try to split the hose into multiple feeds for the yard around the house - None of the sprinklers will work because there is not enough water to feed all the areas.

What is EOP and how does it work?

A new way of distributing internet signal is via Ethernet Over Power (EOP).  The basic idea with this is it broadcast your network signal through your electrical wiring of your home. You can purchase the devices at many electronic stores like Best Buy or Office Depot. They come 2 to a package usually and you can hook up as many as 16 units per system.  The 2 units are identical they can transmit and receive the signal. The 2 units sell for roughly $40.

Ethernet over power

The way this works, is you take a network wire out of the router and plug it into the main unit that is with the router (Transmitter). You then plug the "transmitter" unit into the power outlet. Next you install the 2nd device in a power outlet in a area where you have no wifi signal. You now have a connection from the transmitter to the 2nd unit. Now plug a network cable into the 2nd unit and plug the other end of the network cable into the TV or whatever you are needing the signal for or you can also plug in a WiFi access point (an old router with WiFi service, it might be a different SSID but you will have another WiFi access point) this will expand the network signal to that area. Most of the units we have seen, will actually broadcast 1 gig service.

 Now if you have multiple areas that you need better service you can just keep adding more devices to the system. Like we said you can plug in multiple receivers off of the 1 transmitter.

One of the best uses that we have seen for this service is when a shop or a out building needs to have network signal to it.  

From what we can tell the system will work as long as all the devices are all on the same power transformer. so even if the 2 buildings are on separate power meters we have seen the system work because they are both feeding from the same power transformer.

This is a great and affordable way to expand your internet signal with out rewiring or digging ditches.


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