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Posted 06/13/2020 in Basic Help

Removing Moss from Your Roof

Removing Moss from Your Roof

Getting Rid Of Moss On Your Roof.

Many roofing companies will do the task of removing moss from your roof or pressure washing your roof to clean it. There are many ways to kill and remove moss from your roof, today we are going to tell your the easiest way to keep your roof clear of moss.

You can hire a pro to pressure wash your roof. They use a low pressure sprayer to do the job. A high pressure spray can and will damage your shingles. 

If you want to DIY it, We do not advise you to get up on your roof.... But if you are gonna do it, here is the best way to attack the moss on your roof. Attack it with Tide laundry detergent, or a similar product. If your roof has just a little  moss growing on it, simply spread the laundry detergent across the top of the roof and directly above the bad areas. The next time it rains the detergent it will dissolve and run down the roofing shingles. The moss spores will absorb the now liquid detergent and kill the spores. As time goes by the wind and rain will remove the remaining dead particles of moss off the roof.

If your roof has a heavy layer of moss on it you may want to take a heavy duty shop broom and sweep the roof before applying the detergent.

This will not happen over night, you probably will not even realize anything is happening until you notice the moss is turning brown and slowly disappearing.

Once you get ahead of the moss keep applying the detergent every year to keep the moss at bay. it will also help with stuff growing in your gutters...

Again we do not advise you to get up on your roof! Hire a pro to do it!

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