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Posted 01/11/2019 in Hiring a Contractor

Security Cameras, Which System Is For You?

Security Cameras, Which System Is For You?

Security Camera Systems, Which System Is Best For You?

OK you have the house looking great and starting to really stock it with some nice stuff. Now you are thinking  "I need a security camera system to help protect my home". Below are a few things you should think about when looking for a contractor to install your camera system.

  1. What type of camera system are you going to put in? Ip based cameras are the best for a new install. 
  2. If you already have a home that was wired during the building of the home, then you need to see what kind of wiring was done. (cat5 cable or Siamese cable, coax cable with 18x2 power wire) Cat5 would be used with a IP based system while the Siamese cable is used with analog cameras.

Below Are Some Of The Basics of Security Camera Systems.

  1. Ip based cameras range from 1 meg video stream up to a 4k video stream.
  2. Wiring with cat5 or cat6 cable will give you endless possibilities, the system can grow with technology.
  3. The Network Video Recorder (NVR) must be a good one...
  4. The Power Over Ethernet (POE) network switch must be a good one...
  5. Analog cameras, at this time go up to a 2 meg 720p video stream.
  6. You can use cat5 wiring and a video balon on each end of the cat5 cable to work with a analog camera.
  7. Analog system will need a camera power supply and a DVR to record that video streams.


  1. both systems can be upgraded as long as they have cat5 wiring.
  2. If you have an old analog system with Siamese wiring you can only upgrade to the Analog High Def (AHD) system. To upgrade to an IP based system you would need to rewire the cameras.
  3. Do not go cheap on the POE network switch, or the NVR.

I used to be in the smart home trade which includes cameras, I would Say installing a camera system is for the very tech savvy person. Hire a PROFESSIONAL Security Camera Installer!


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