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Things That Can Knock Your Wifi On It's Ass

Things That Can Knock Your Wifi On It's Ass

With my background in Home Automation, Networking and Security Camera Systems. I also install internet every day for the ISP. I have a great knowledge on this topic, and I can truly say here are a few hints and tips on what can kill your Wifi/Internet connection.

  • A under powered router. make sure you have a router that can handle the load you are putting on it. Video steaming takes a lot of CPU power. Yes your router can be a under powered POS.
  • Ring doorbells have been known to lockup the wifi system of routers. It is a lot of strain on the CPU.
  • Gaming systems the constant updates are a huge toll on the speed of your internet connection. Try to do downloads late at night.
  • Gaming computers are usually newer computers. The new computers come with cloud backup. What to watch for, is make sure the computer is not backing up game files to the cloud. We did a service call to a home and the trouble was the gaming computer would download the 1.5 gig game update and then upload the 1.5 gig file to the cloud. A huge toll on a 12x1 DSL service. 
  • Security Cameras - You need to have a robust router to move the data that comes from ip cameras....
  • Cloud DVR for Cameras - Some camera systems back up data to the cloud when ever they see motion. motion can be lights from a car passing by or wind moving branches in the tree. A single 2 meg camera that is uploading video and sound to the cloud will knock the crap out a DSL imagine if you have 4 of them trying to upload to the cloud, and you are trying to watch Netflix.......Probably gonna have trouble!
  • Streaming TV (Netflix, Hulu, YoutubeTV, SlingTV, Fubo...) Each HD stream will need between 5 and 8 meg per second to work like you are gonna want it to. If you have trouble with buffering, Id bet you have online games, cameras, or multiple Facebook streams open. When you are done watching a show make sure you always turn off the stream of what ever you were watching. Just because you turned off the TV power does not mean the Roku box is not still streaming YoutubeTV, or Hulu or whatever streaming service you are using...
  • Streaming Music does not take much data at all...
  • Smart Phones uses the same amount of data as a TV when it comes to streaming Netflix or Youtube. If they are on wifi it will affect your speed. 
  • Many house hold items will interfere with 2.4 Wifi frequency. microwave, refrigerator, smart light bulbs (wifi controlled) 
  • Construction of your home could also interfere with your wifi signal. Rock or brick fireplaces, Tile floors, counter tops and back splashes, concrete basement walls, walls with chicken wire behind the plaster, metal roofs or siding and furnace duct.

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If you are having these problems it may be that your router is just not able to handle the load of your network traffic. The Newest Tech is AX6 network routers. 

Here is a great read on the TP Link AX6000.

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