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Posted 04/30/2020 in Hiring a Contractor

What Is The Best Online Marketing System For Contractors?

What Is The Best Online Marketing System For Contractors?

What is the best online marketing system for contractors?

 We believe www.Local.Contractors is one of the best. It has many pros and no cons.

  • www.local.contractors is one of the most affordable on-line marketing systems that includes a mobile app and a national website directory system.

Our contractor membership plans.

  1. Membership plans range from a no monthly fee plan, which includes your phone number posted for the public to see. 
  2. A $50 per month "Flat Rate" plan that includes the most options for the contractors.

Here are just some of the options that our Flat Rate Supervisors Membership Plan offers.

  • A flat rate of $50 per month
  • A custom SEO landing page for your company.
  • Posted company phone number for the public to see. (this is a great option as it leads to more of a one on one with the home owners.)
  • Posted company email for the public to see.
  • Posted link to company website.
  • Unlimited FREE leads from our lead generating system.
  • List your company in up to 15 trades (roofer, sider, painter,ect...)
  • List your company in up to 6 locations. (Cities)
  • A "about" area on your landing page where you can post photos of your work along with your company details.
  • Run coupons on your landing page.
  • Photo Albums to show off your work.
  • A place for customers to write reviews on your company.
  • The ability to write and post articles about your company that will be index by Bing and Google.

The Next Step Is Our Social Media Marketing For Your Company.

We offer 3 plans for contractor social media marketing.

Starting off at $99 per month and going as high as $220 per month..

Check out all of our membership plans here.

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