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Central Electronic Alarm
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Portland, Oregon, 97216
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Our company specializes in providing our friends and neighbors throughout surrounding communities , with state-of-the-art security products and services for their properties. We have spent a great deal of time and energy locating the surveillance and security systems that can meet the diverse needs of residential, commercial, industrial, and all other properties found within this area, with perfection. Residential Security Cameras Residential Security Cameras, Home Security Cameras Keep your home safe and secure with security camera systems from BBS Systems. With our home security installation and surveillance camera systems, you can easily: View live and recorded activities inside and outside your home Secure the perimeter of your home Monitor yourself or let us do It for you Identify who is at your door before you open it Keep an eye on your home while on vacation Monitor arrival and departure times of your kids Receive alerts via text message or email Survey who is near your garage, driveway, backyard, etc. Monitor your nanny or service professional while they work WHAT IS A SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM INSTALLATION? Surveillance System Installations – Imagine being anywhere in and having “eyes in the back of your head” or ears that hear what others do not. What if you could “see through walls”, or see in the dark? Imagine being able to do it without anyone noticing. It wouldn’t make you a super hero; it would just mean that you were intelligent enough to invest in a surveillance system in Houston. When you install one of our surveillance systems, you will have taken one of the first steps in protecting your way of life. By integrating a security system with surveillance equipment, you will maximize your defense against those that would try to threaten your security. WHO NEEDS A SURVEILLANCE SYSTEM? Families. If you have a family, then you have more to lose than anyone. You have worked hard to attain your property and life style. And you have children that you cherish more than anything in the world. It only makes sense to add as much security to your kingdom as possible. You can see what’s going on at your home while you’re away. It will never again be a concern of whether or not your Nanny is influencing your children the way they should be. With the installation of a CCTV surveillance system you will be protecting your precious items from burglars, intruders and other threats to you and your families’ security. SMALL BUSINESSES If you own a small business, you are in a position to lose everything, since you are not a corporation that can lose thousands of dollars without flinching. All it takes is a few big losses in a month and you end up looking at the books wondering what happened and how you’re going to catch up. The smaller you are the more you need to protect your business and assets. Imagine being able to sit pool side at your home. Keep your employees honest and thief’s under the radar and traceable. Imagine being able to record and track the license plates of every individual that drives into your parking lot. Or being able to hand over a clear picture of a perp and evidence of his/her dishonesty to your local law enforcement. It reduces the risk of loss to your business and increases your confidence in being a business owner. LARGE CORPORATIONS If you own a large corporation, you have probably experienced several losses since the day you started your business, from bad investments down to the stealing of office supplies by your employees. Imagine being able to record every moment with a surveillance system and go back and “remember” everything with crystal clear clarity. Large corporations are usually the first to experience break-ins, embezzlement and theft. As a large corporation you stand to lose a lot of money and in many cases, without even realizing it until after it’s too late. Start protecting your self today and reduce the possibility of anything catastrophic happening to your business MEDICAL FACILITIES A medical facility typically has an open-door policy; anyone can walk in and request service or request to see a patient. With such a policy it only makes sense to be able to monitor the happenings of visitors into such a facility. By installing a surveillance system, you will be protecting the patients the staff visitors and mostly important the doctors. Start protecting your medical facility and your staff, call us for a security camera system today.


Access Master
Orland Park, Illinois, 60462

Ink Drops Custom Remodels and Paint Designs

Remodels residential and commercial

North Bend, Oregon, 97459

TriStar Commercial LLC

Tristar Security Systems | Home Alarm Monitoring Systems

Austin, Texas, 78729

Lake Grove, Oregon, 97035

Damascus, Oregon, 97089

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