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Do Contractors Give Free Quotes Anymore?

Most local contractors are happy to give a free quote. including PaintersRoofers -  Plumbers -  Electricians and Landscapers.

Roofing Contractors giving free quotes and offer many great coupons for discounts. 

Get 5 Free Roofing Quotes From Local Contractors.

Roofing Is One Of The Most  Dangerous Trades?

Roofing is a very dangerous trade, We recommend you hire a professional to get up on your roof and inspect the shingles and the structure of the roof. 

I have contacted a roofing contractor, whats next?

The roofer will give you a break down of the life left on your roof and give you a couple different options for repairing or doing a complete roof tear off and replacement. Yes it sounds bad, but this is what they do.

What are the best choices for roofing materials?

One of the beat and most affordable roofing materials is the 30 year laminate roofing shingle. followed by the Presidential type shingle, these are a heavy duty high wind rated shingle for roofs with a pitch of 5/12 or greater.

Metal loc-seam roofing, is also a great roofing system. It can have a lifetime warranty on the product and can be in multiple colors. the only bad thing about metal roofing is it can be really loud in a rain storm...

Ceramic tile roofing, is a system that is not really for any home. It is best in a dryer climate and the home needs to be engineered to handle the weight of the roofing material. Ceramic Tile Roofing is very brittle.

Cedar shake roofing, Yes Cedar is a great looking roof, but it needs to be maintained often, like every 3 years at least. Some HOAs will make you replace your roof with cedar shake roofing or the Presidential roofing system. I would go with the Presidential roofing.

Flat Roof Material, TPO or PVC roofing material is the newest way to roof a flat roof structure. TPO style roofing material has taken the place of torch down roofing. But there is still a need for torch down and hot tar roofing companies.