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Always ask the contractors for their license and insurance info!

Help Wanted

Construction Workers Looking For A New Job

Are you a contractor looking for new employees? 

Are you a construction worker looking for a new job?

We have built another tool for our members to use. We have added the ability to list construction workers, that are looking to re-locate or just need a change. Our members (Contractors) can now access this list of future employees and search via trade and city.

Employees - just register as a employee looking for work

Complete the profile builder and the system will build you a landing page and place it in the correct location.

(Make sure you finish the entire profile builder)

Contractors - 

  • Use the Search Tool Above.
  • Select Help Wanted - Construction Workers in the first drop down BOX.
  • Then in the 2nd BOX choose the specialty type of work that you are looking to hire for.
  • The 3rd box may be blank, if not select the correct response.
  • Then in the 4th box type in your address of the area where the job will be at. (just the city is fine)