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How Much Does It Cost To Paint A House in Garland

What is the average cost to paint a house in Garland?

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 If you are looking for residential painting contractors that service Garland and specialize in house painting or even commercial building painters you can find them here.

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About our Garland painting contractors: 

  • Quality - You will love the attention to detail they show towards your home. 
  • Service - They work with you to make sure the service exceeds your expectations. 
  • Value - Using high quality paints adds value to the job and helps protect your home. 

Here at Local Contractors we understand that your house is most likely your biggest investment. That is why our list of professional Garland painters are here to offer your property with high-quality house interior and exterior painting services in Garland.

Garland Residential Painting

  • Fall in love with your house all over again! When you work with our experienced Garland painting contractors, you’ll love how they will: 
  • Help you select the best colors and paints for your home. 
  • Treat you, your home and property with respect. 
  • Communicate throughout the process. 
  • Stand behind our interior painting & exterior painting services.

Garland Commercial Painting

  • Our experienced interior and exterior painters can take on any size project. 
  • Whether you own or manage an office building, hotel, apartment complex, or other commercial property, 
  • Our painters paint: Exterior brick Stucco Interior & exterior walls Just to name a few things.

Search and connect with Garland house painting contractors now to secure a spot in the schedule to get your house painted as soon as possible. Remember when the warm and sunny days of summer arrive you and many more people will be calling on the painters of Garland to paint the outside of their home or business.

How Much do house painters get paid per hour?

Painters wages vary, depending on area, season, years of knowledge and the painting project. On an average you can expect to pay a company around $60 per man per hour on basic house painting projects. A experienced painters hourly wage can go as high as $75 per hour.

How Much Does It Cost To Paint A House in Garland?

  • You can expect to pay around $3000 - $5000 for a single story 2000 Square foot home.

  • $4500 - $6500 for a 2 story 2500 Square foot house.

  • $6000 - $12000 for a 3 story 3200 Square foot home.

    Of course these prices vary on the area, season and project.

    What is Faux painting?

Faux interior painting is a painting process that is a specialty that takes time and patience. A experienced Faux painter is worth their weight in gold... How Much does it cost to paint a house in Garland

The photo to the right is an example of Faux painting.a house in Garland, Garland house painting contractors, Garland house painter estimate, What is the average cost to paint a house in Jacksonvi

Painting can be a very dangerous project! Find a professional painting contractor to get up on a ladder and inspect any damaged areas. Then they can give you a quote to do any repairs before any painting can be done. Painting your home is a big job, a professional painter will have all the necessary tools to get the job done correctly and in a short amount of time.

Get 5 Free Garland House Painting Estimates.

I have contacted a painter, whats next?

The painter will first look at your home, then work up a quote for the job. They will let you know when they can do the job and how long it will take. Make sure when the day comes for them to paint the outside of your home that you have all de-bre, shrubs and cars out of the way. You do not want paint over spray on your car!