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 Before hiring a roofer, you can read reviews on all the roofing contractors in our system. All the contractor listing in our system have the option to receive reviews turned on. If you would like to leave a review for a contractor just search there name, from the search bar at the top right side of this screen. Then click on the listing for that company, there will be a spot for you to leave a review. 

Some of the biggest complaints that roofing contractors receive are due to home owners not knowing what it takes to remove the old roof and install a new roof. 

When a roofing contractor says they are going to do a tear off, that means the old roofing needs to come off of the building. This is a very messy step to getting your new roof installed. 

A tear off is the removal of all the old roofing material and it usually ends up all around the outside of the house. The roofing contractor will put up plywood around the house to protect plants and the exterior of the house. Protecting windows and the siding is very important in this step. A good roofing company will try to keep the mess around the truck or trailer that they are loading the old material into. But it does still make a mess. If you are having the roof redone in the winter, your yard will get messed up also. This is why it is best to do a roof in the summer. 

One of the most complained about steps in roofing is this next portion of the process. The roofers may leave the mess from the tear off, so they can get the roof prepped for the new shingles. It is more important to get the house weather tight then worry about the mess that is on the ground. I'm sure you would rather see the mess in the yard over rain water dripping in the living room.

After the house is weather tight the roofers will finish cleaning up the yard, it could be messy overnight so be patent. After the tear off is complete, the next step is to inspect the plywood sheeting. 

The sheeting is what the new roof shingles get nailed into. If the sheeting is bad with dry rot or at all spongy it may not hold the roofing nails during a wind storm. You do not want that. If the roofing company says you need some new sheeting, listen to them, a roof is a expensive project it would be bad to have it blow off.

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