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Take a look at local contractors website and mobile app for the most affordable Contractor online marketing system on the web. 

We offer an affordable alternative to Homeadvisor and Angieslist. Our website is geared to give the big 3 lead based websites a run for their money. With your help we can make that happen.

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My background is in construction, I owned a roofing and decking company that my brother in-law ran for me. I also ran and operated a home automation, surround sound system installation company and I enjoyed building the websites for my companies and some of my friends companies. 

My dad was a computer programmer so I guess the websites building and SEO development for the websites just comes to me naturally. My business websites were in the top of the first page of Google and Bing. The problem was I was getting tired of babysitting people, replacing stereo equipment and security camera equipment in the homes that I was installing home theaters and home automation systems in.

So I know what you contractors go through everyday, from making sure employees are set to go in the mornings to the marketing process for your company. Our Family construction company did mostly decking and roofing which is very competitive market. 

Things were going pretty good until I thought about growing the roofing business. I made the mistake of signing up for Homeadviser, Yelp and Angieslist to drive more business for a couple months to see if it was the right move for us.  Well after a couple months of being involved with them, I felt like I was being held hostage! Doing multiple jobs per month just to pay for those 3 services was not working out.

After dealing with the babysitting job that I took on with more roofers, I decided the one thing that I could not take anymore was the abusive calls from these 3 services every week to buy more services from them or to upgrade our plan. I just got tired of saying no thanks!

THEN, After I found out Homeadvisor had purchased Angieslist we figured they would now use the 2 power house websites to run the prices up so high that a small company would be stuck out in the cold. 

With All That In Mind - I Thought I Could Do It Cheaper!

With the help of a great website platform, late nights, and a very understanding wife, I started this website www.Local.Contractors and the mobile app called "Local Contractors". 

Our hope is to be able to help the small "ma and pa" shops that do not know the first thing about internet and websites compete in the "on-line market"!

We offer a "Flat Rate Plan" for just $60 per year and 6 different Social Media Marketing Campaigns.

How It Works!