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Roofing Contractors Network

USA Roofing Contractors

Roofing Contractors Network - 

Local.Contrctors has built a network of websites that have the sole purpose of driving home owners to our system. We are taking the approach of the home owners will search for "Free Local Roofing quotes". Also phrases like near me, estimates and bids. So we have started building websites with theses and many more key phrases. 

Roofers: here is what you get with our "$50 per month flat rate" Supervisors Membership Plan:

  • 1 custom landing page with SEO work to help promote it. You can post all your contact info along with any photos or embedded videos you like on the landing page.
  • Your landing page released directly to the search engines (Bing, Google and Yahoo.) This means your landing page will show up in the search results with your company name on the search title like it was your own website.
  • Free unlimited leads with no hidden fees or percentages.
  • Our "Get Matched Form", that home owners can ask for multiple bids, only allows 5 contractors to accept the leads then the lead is closed to the rest of the contractors. You are only bidding against 4 other contractors, not 20.
  • Customers go directly to your landing page via the search engines, this is a great feature in our system as the home owners never need to use the lead system they can call you directly.
  • Supervisors members are in the top #1 tier when home owners search for roofing contractors in their area. The free plan members are posted behind all the supervisor members.
  • We let you list your company under 15 different categories. (roofing, siding, windows, gutters,ect...)
  • We give you up to 6 locations to list your company, each with a 10 mile radious around the city, (Portland, Salem, Los Angeles, Sacramento, ect...)
  • We allow a back link to go to your website.
  • Post your phone number , Email, website, facebook ect. on your landing page.
  • and of coarse you can receive reviews and have a badge to post on your website to send people to your landing page to write the reviews.

At this time we have the following websites built and submitted to the search engines.











More INFO on joining our network CLICK HERE.