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Roof Repair Costs Near Me.

Most roofing contractors across the nation charge a minimum of $300 for a roof repair and as high as $70 per hour, per man. Most roofing repairs are not guaranteed.

Roof Replacement Costs.

 The average home owner will pay $7500 to $12,500 to have their roof replaced with a recover. Expect to pay somewhere around $400 to $550 per square (10'x10' area) for a tear off of a average roof with a pitch of 5/12. 

If the roof is going to get a tear off (removal of the old shingles and inspection of the plywood sheeting) add at least $1500 for the labor and dump charges. The cost can vary do to the layers of old roofing and the condition of the plywood sheeting. If areas of the sheeting needs replaced most roofing contractors charge a minimum of $75 each to replace t he 4x8 sheet of plywood.

If the roofer says you need new sheeting, listen to them. If the sheeting is bad, the new shingles that are nailed to it may not hold in a small wind storm. Imagine nailing your roofing to a sponge, that nail will not hold.

Top Reasons To Avoid Doing A  Roof Recover:

Roof recovers - I would stay away from this option if possible. The problem with the recover is you do not have a good surface to nail the new roofing shingles onto.

  • The sheeting could be bad and you would never know it until your new roof is laying on the ground due to a small wind storm.
  • The layers of old roofing might be to thick for the nail to reach the sheeting. A standard roofing nail gun only holds a 1 1/2 " nail.
  • The warranty of most roofing shingles from the factory says the fasteners must penetrate through the plywood sheeting...

Top reasons your roof could be leaking.

There are many reasons why a roof may be leaking:

  • Roofing shingles could just be old and in need of replacement.
  • You could have a bad valley, Many home owners will get up on their roof to clean or just inspect it. Unfortunately they do not know that you should never walk up a valley in the roof. The valley is the easiest place to climb up the roof and also the easiest way to come down. If you do use the valley to walk the roof, you should straddle the valley, Do not walk up the bottom of the valley.
  • Roof pipe jacks, A pipe jack has a rubber seal that goes around the plumbing pipes as they go up through the roof. The main problem with the pipe jack is the rubber seal will crack allowing rain water to access under the roofing.
  • Moss build up on the roof, a roof that is not maintained will grow moss. The moss will fill the keys of the shingles, the key is engineered in the shingles to allow the rain water to escape. Simple remedy is to spreed Tide laundry soap on the top of the roof in the fall. The rain will wash the soap down the roof killing the moss. 
  • Leaking around the air vents, Again moss build up or cracked plastic vent housing.
  • And of course a improperly installed roofing system would be the worst repair bill. 

Roofing is a very dangerous project! Find a professional roofing contractor  to get up on your roof and inspect any damaged areas. Then they can give you a quote to do any roof repair. You may be able to get by with just a simple patch, a roofer will be able to tell you the best way to go forward. Don't through good money and your time at something you may not be able to fix.

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If you want to try to find the leak in your roof, here are a few things you should check:

  • Go up in the attic of the house and follow the leak up to its highest point on the underside of the roof. This is the safest possible way for you to find the leak. be careful when walking or crawling in the attic. Make sure to keep your weight on the trusses, if you don't you could fall through the ceiling...

  • After you find the leak in the attic, inspect the roof in that area and check for items we mentioned above. (Again we do not advise you to get up on the roof!)

  • If the area has moss on it, take a broom and brush it off.

  • If the area is in a valley, call a roofer. When repairing a valley, as a home owner, all you can do is spread tar on it. A roofing contractor can go deeper into the roofing and repair it correctly. There are many tricks of the trade when it comes to the valley of the roof..

  • If the shingles are worn out, call a roofer.

  • The best way to "get you buy" until a roofer can properly repair a roofing system is to cover the roof with a roll of plastic. The plastic needs to be fastened down properly so it doesn't get blown off. A tarp can also be used, but the plastic is a better water barrier.

Here are some of the best choices for roofing materials:

One of the beat and most affordable roofing materials is the 30 year laminate architectural roofing shingle. followed by the Presidential type shingle, these are a heavy duty high wind rated shingle for roofs with a pitch of 5/12 or greater.

Metal loc-seam roofing is also a great roofing system. It can have a lifetime warranty on the product and can be in multiple colors. the only bad thing about metal roofing is it can be really loud in a rain storm...

Ceramic Tile roofing is a system that is not really for any home. It is best in a dryer climate and the home needs to be engineered to handle the weight of the roofing material. Ceramic Tile Roofing is very brittle.

Cedar Shake Roofing, Yes Cedar is a great looking roof, but it needs to be maintained often, like every 3 years at least. Some HOAs will make you replace your roof with cedar shake roofing or the Presidential roofing system. I would go with the Presidential roofing.

Flat Roof Material, TPO or PVC roofing material is the newest way to roof a flat roof structure. TPO style roofing material has taken the place of torch down roofing. But there is still a need for torch down and hot tar roofing companies.