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With the use of our "Flat Rate Plan" We can help your website's search engine optimization (SEO). Our plan offers so many options that will help your construction companies online presence.

What is a website backlink?

One of the best things for your website is to have other websites referring your website. Google looks at a good website backlink like good "word of mouth" for work referrals. Think of it like your neighbor asks, do you know a good roofing company. You say, yes the roofing contractors that did our house last year was great, here is their phone number. Google loves a referral from one website that is in the same niche as your website, you should get as many good back links as you can, but not all at once.

Our "Flat rate plan" offers a great backlink to your website. So not only do you get a great landing page in our system but also receive a great backlink to your website.  

With your new landing page from Local.Contractors you will have another online presence for your construction company. We build you a landing page that will be released to Google and Bing for the search engines to index.

A long with the backlink to your website we also offer links to your social media accounts. This is good as it will help your social media pages rank better.

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Get this plan for only $30 per month or $300 for the year.

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Below are a few tips for your website's SEO.

  • Having a contact us or phone number at the top of the web page will help.
  • Having a mature website seems to have an effect on the Google results.
  • One and only one H1 tag per web page.
  • Google mapping system embedded on the page.
  • Server speed is also important. The best thing I can say here without getting to involved is " have as few images on your home page as possible and for every plugin that has to register or login when the page is loaded it will slow down the speed test...Programs like "Google Analytics" If you can get rid of these programs and images it will help.
  • A great title but not the same as the h1 tag.