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Starlink is a branch of Spacex, yes the company that is ran by Elon Musk, Not only is he the man that brought us the Tesla car, SpaceX rockets and maned spaceships. He has plans for a worldwide high speed internet system that will provide truly high speeds data for residential homes that are not able to get high speed internet via the phone and cable companies.

Starlink Internet service will be around $99 per month and equipment will cost $500.

Equipment includes a single port wifi router, the auto aligning dish, dish ground stand, a POE power injector to power the dish and 3 bundles of cat5e wire to run to the dish.

The single port router lets you plug in a 2nd wifi mesh system with extra wired ports. A weak router can be the downfall of any internet system. Get a good router!

What Are Starlink Speeds?

In the tests that we have seen online, it appears that with no obstructions in the view  you can expect to get above 100 meg down and above 25 meg up. Which is more then enough speed for the average home with a good wifi system.

Remember it is always better to hardwire equipment like streaming devices.

As Starlink starts delivering more and more systems to the public in the early summer of 2021 more and more people will start needing help with the install. "Starlink will target service in the northern U.S. and Canada in 2021, rapidly expanding to near global coverage."

You will need to order your system directly from Starlink then find a installer from our directory.

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