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Always ask the contractors for their license and insurance info!

Help Upgrading your Account

This is a help cheat sheet for upgrading your account membership.

  1. First- Log-in to your account. You will need your user login and password. If you do not remember your user email then send us a email to reset your account at info@local.contractors.
  2. Once in your account and at your dash board, on the left side of the screen below your member ID you will see a green button that says "Upgrade listing". click it...
  3. This should go to the screen that gives you a choice of the best options for you. Pick the best option... Hit the continue button at the bottom of the page.
  4. Make sure the annual option is selected. (You will get a better price if your choose the yearly payment option)
  5. Click the big green button that says "Upgrade My Listing"
  6. Follow the on screen directions to finish the purchase.
  7. Then start adding photos and anything else you desire to have on your landing page.

Once your account is upgraded you can start upgrading your landing page. If you need help with that portion click here and we can help.