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About Us

An Affordable National Directory For Contractors

We are a national directory for home owners to search and connect with contractors.  We are in no way associated with any of the following websites: Angieslist, Angie, Angi,Servicemaster, Homeadvisor or any of their network of websites.

We are a small family that is running 3 websites that whole intension is to make an affordable directory for contractors to use with no strings attached or hidden fees.

We built our system with the idea of making it one of the most affordable directory and lead generation systems for contractors with small advertising budgets.

We are a small group with very big hearts. We just want to help!

Below is a little story on how our directory came to be.

 My background is in techy stuff and construction.  My family background is in computer programing on one side and construction on the other. So I know what contractors go through everyday and I also know what it takes to for a good marketing plan. 

Our family construction company started out building home theater rooms and then expanded out to decking and roofing when the small housing crash in 2008. In 2008 I spent a lot of time building the websites for all of our family business. I found out at that time I was pretty good at it. Before long I was building websites for other contractors that I knew. 

Somewhere in that time, myself and one of our employees were working on a home automation system at a doctors house and they were telling me about how they were building a website that sole purpose was to funnel patients that were wanting info on Gastric bypass surgery into the website where they had a national list of doctors that did the procedure. 

On the way back to the shop I got a phone call from a different client of ours wanting to know if I knew of a good plumber. I said yes and that I would text them the info for the plumber. 

It was at this time that I looked at Jeff and said "how hard would it be to build a website for this" He said their is already a couple in play. Angieslist and Service Magic. (Dam)

I spent the next couple days researching these 2 powerhouses to find they were just to expensive for a small family ran construction company to have any luck with. The website still on my mind...

Then Service Magic started having bad feedback from its clients and they changed their name to Homeadvisor because they were getting such a bad reputation. It wasn't long after that, I found out Homeadvisor bought Angieslist. Now the 2 powerhouses are owned by the same people but working against each other to drive the prices even higher. Just recently Angieslist changed their name to Angi. (I'm not saying anything about that.)

Oh did you know that with the BBB (Better Business Bureau) you buy your grade!???

Sorry, back to my story. 

So after a few months of nothing on my mind but building the website. I though Id start small and just do one for electricians. I started building the website and after about 5 months of changing stuff around, my wife says "why didn't you include decks, roofing and plumbing?"     "I DONT KNOW" was my answer.

So after years of trial and error I have built a great directory for us to use. It is my version of the "Yellow Pages".

The system is not just for the big construction companies but it is for all. Now the small MA and Pa companies can be listed in a online directory for free.