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More About Local Contractors

We are a national directory for home owners to search and connect with contractors. 

We built our system with the idea of making it one of the most affordable directory/lead generation systems for contractors with small advertising budgets. Check out our plans.

We are a small group with a very big heart. We are based out of the Northwest.

How It Works

1. Search Local General Contractors

Use our website to search local general contractors by specialty or location. It's easy to search and find top-rated local general contractors near you.

2. Compare Local General Contractors

After searching for local general contractors, learn more by comparing quotes, reviews, and full profiles of each local general contractor on our website.

3. Connect with Local General Contractors

Once you find local general contractors that you like, contact them to get more information. Our members are always happy to hear from you!

4. Get Matched Up With Local General Contractors

If The Home Owner asked to be matched up with contractors, Our system will email all the contractors that do the trade and work in the city that the home owner has ask for. Our system will only allow 5 contractors to accept the lead. This is good for both the home owner as they will only have 5 contractors calling them and the contractors wont get a response from the home owner that they are the 10th or 20th contractor to call!

Below is a little history on how Local.Contractors came to be.

 Our family background is in construction. So we know what you contractors go through everyday, from making sure employees are set to go to work in the mornings to the marketing program for your company. Our family construction company did mostly decking and roofing which is a very competitive market. We tried Hiring SEO companies to tweak our website, paid for the Google map system phone calls to get to the top of the mapping system. Then after the mistake of signing up for HomeAdviser, Yelp and Angie's List we felt like we were being held hostage! Trying to survive with them, was as bad or worse as trying to survive without their job leads...

 With taxes and insurance fees due, we could not afford to pay the big websites anymore.

 After we found out HomeAdvisor and Angie's List (now Angi) were the same company, we figured they would now use the 2 power house websites to run the prices up so high that a small company would be stuck out in the cold.

 Now Homeadvisor is starting to monopolizing the search engines with the newest website "TrustedHomeContractors" They can keep adding websites with each of them getting back links from both Homeadvisor & Angieslist main websites. This will bump them straight toward the top.

Not Sure How To Stop Them other than public not using them. You would think if home owners knew this was going to raise the overall cost of all construction they would stop using the service.

 So we took a couple years worth of what we would be paying the big 3 websites, our savings account and a couple partners and built our own system to help all the small ;"ma and pa - family ran companies" compete in the online market.

 Our system, where home owners search for a contractor and then connect with them, is fairly new and we are reaching out and teaming up with other small lead generating companies to help our website get in front of more home owners.

Our Terms Of Service

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