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Always ask the contractors for their license and insurance info!

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Affordable Contractor Websites! 40% Off Listed Prices

We here at Local.Contractors know that you Contractors have enough to do and worry about without the head ache of building a website and everything that goes with it.

We are offering the best listing plan in our directory plus giving you a affordable price on the website. It will have custom SEO work done for your trade and location.

We have 2 membership plans in our national directory that includes us building and hosting a website for your company.  

  • First is a 3 page website. It includes https: domain, your main home page that is built with custom SEO (search engine optimization) for your company and the city that you work in (single city). An about us page and the terms of use page.($210 per year and 1 time setup fee of $350) Special Price $126 per year!
  • The second option is a 10 page website that includes the same as the 3 page websites, but also has extra pages for the cities you work in (multiple cities). The 10 page website is a better option if you travel to multiple cities for work. It will give you much better Google results . ($250 per year and 1 time setup fee of $450) Special Price $150 per year.

Website Design:

  • On the main page we show off the services that you offer, area you work in, photos of your work and your crew. Also included is a link that goes back to your landing page in our directory for reviews and ratings.
  • The About page is more about you as a company and the area you serve. 
  • Privacy page.
  • We purchase the domain name and build the custom SEO website on our servers. We take care of the whole thing you just need to oversee the process.

Landing page in our national "Local Contractor" directory.

This membership plan also has great benefits that include:

  • Your company will also get a great landing page in our directory that will be in the 1st tier of companies in our directory search results.
  • The landing page has many great options included with it. 

website design, construction website builderWith the backing of our directory the search engines will look at your website in a different light. 

Google, Bing and even DuckDuckGo look at backlinks from one website to another website as a referral. 

The backlinks need to be from the same niche for them to have any help to you website standings with Google.

Example: A backlink from a dog grooming studio website is no help to a roofing company website.

Our directory is not geared towards lead generating emails, but more of a yellow pages kind of system. Homeowners can call you directly. 

The directory does have a lead generating system but the leads for these membership plans are free.

Any leads that may come from the directory are free! Yep zero dollars! This is a flat rate plan.

Building your construction based website:

First off we will search for the best domain name for your company, this might be something like PortlandDeckRepair.com or your company name. Many time your company name might already be taken so a name like Portland Deck Repair might be better for search engine optimization (SEO).

We will purchase the domain name for you and do all the setup of the website. We will need photos of your work, contact info and a short About Us article. We can get most of this info from a Facebook page if you have one.

The website will have custom SEO work applied. 

The website will be up and running as long as your account stays current.

Give us a call or email us for a free consultation. 

Gordon (503) 740-3870


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