Banner Ads

Advertise your company in our directory

Advertise your company in a bigger way, Place banner ads on our national website. We are setting up 3 locations on our home page for you to place an ad.  

We have the upper area of our home page, under our header.

Middle of our home page.

Just above the footer of our home page.

We have also built banner ads for our category and location specific pages. These pages are the results pages when a end user uses our search tool and inputs the service and location they are looking for.

We will build your ad for free with the data you give us. It can have links to a video and a link to your website or landing page.

Example of the ad for siding in Sacramento:

Fred's Siding in Sacramento

We here at Fred's siding are pleased to help you with the home remodel.  We specialize in remodels, siding repair, window replacement and new construction. 

Give us a call at (000) 000-0000 


Video - Today's a good day for a good day

Must have an active membership account as either a contractor or a store front. (Both are $15 per month)

All Submissions must be approved by Admin and are based on availability.


Option #1 - Ad is located in the upper area of our home page.

It will be placed just below the header. $250 per month.

Option # 2 - ad location is middle of page of our home page.

This area is in the middle of our home page. $195 per month.

Option #3 -Ad location is just above the footer of the page.

Just above the footer of our home page. $155 per month.

Banner Ads That Are On Category  And Location Specific Pages  

Option 4 - Ad is located in upper area of the text , below header of page. Cost is $45 per month.

Option 5 - Ad is located in the middle of the text area of the page. cost is  $35 per month.

Option 6 - Ad is located end of text area and just above the results section of the page. $40 per month.

Any questions or ready to setup call me directly at 503-740-3870