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Posted 01/18/2019 in Basic Help

Guide Line For Selecting A Contractor

Guide Line For Selecting A Contractor

Picking a Contractor.

For some people picking a contractor can be scary, But fear not we will give you a guide line for selecting a contractor. Many contractors are small family ran companies that may not have any online presence. you can not hold that against them. We have seen companies that have no website, online reviews or even a Facebook page, but when you look at their licence with the state they have been in business for decades.

Here are a couple things you should also note. Contractors buy a grade on the BB_, they can have several bad reviews, yet still have a A rating with them. 

Yel_ has been known to hold contractors ransom, they will take a company that has several reviews both good and bad and will hold the good reviews in their back pocket saying the contractor has "reviews that are not currently recommended". Well not until they buy a membership.

Hidden reviews, could be good maybe bad, that are on herlist and not available unless you are a paid member. Contractors pay through the nose for the adds. I know quite a few that spend over $1500 per month.

So with that all said and behind us here are a few things that really mater.

  1. Check with the local state agency and make sure all licencing is up to date.
  2. Make sure the contractor has insurance.
  3. Check with past customers of the contractor, ask for references. Make sure the reference is for the same kind of work they will be performing at your house.
  4. Remember not all buddies of a buddy are quality contractors.
  5. Look at photos of their work....
  6. If possible go look at past jobs with them.

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