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Posted 02/17/2019 in Hiring a Contractor

Picking A Plumber

Picking A Plumber

A Few Tips On Hiring A Plumber:

As your home or rental property grows older you will more then likely need a plumber to service the property in one way or another. Could be something as simple as a backed up sink or as bad as a failing septic system.

  1. Always hire a licensed plumbing contractor with proof of insurance and bond.
  2. The years of service that the plumber has under his belt is a nice plus. but not always the best for the job. A younger apprentice plumber might be better for crawling under a home and digging up a line then a journeyman plumber. Shoot any digging period...
  3. References from past customers is also a plus.
  4. After the plumber has looked at the plumbing problem they should be able to give you a rough estimate of what the price will be before he does the repair. Some work like a leaking water line that is feeding your home will be hard for the plumber to give you a price before any digging is done.

If you need some help you can find a local plumber here. 


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