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Posted 03/20/2019 in Basic Help

TV Streaming Services, Which One Is For You?

TV Streaming Services, Which One Is For You?

Local Live TV Streaming.

 As Cable and Satellite bills go up and up, many people are finding out about the new IPTV streaming services. With basic internet at your home you can access these great services.

 More and more people are starting to realize that you can watch your favorite TV shows with an online subscription services like YoutubeTV, FuboTV, PSVue, SlingTV, DirectTVNow and HuluTv.

If you have a Roku, AppleTV, Smart Tv, Amazon Fire Stick ect... you can access these systems.

 But There are still many people that do not know that you can "cut the cord" and be rid of the cable box or satellite system for a small price of around $45 per month.

 YoutubeTV offers: 3 streams of around 40 HD channels unlimited Cloud DVR and local live channels for $40 per month. (missing a lot of sports, History, Discovery & Hallmark channels)

 FuboTV offers: 2 Streams, 30 hours of Cloud DVR and 85+ HD channels including locals with the most sports. (They are missing ABC & ESPN) get a 3rd stream for $6 per month and upgrade DVR to 500 hours for $10 per month. They broadcast some of the March Madness in 4K this year.

Sony PSVueTV offers: 3 Stream of 48 channels on the basic plan including locals, cloud DVR that stores video for 28 days, Alot of channels are available via upgrades.

SlingTV offers: 3 stream if you choose the best plan, 54 channels No Local channels.

DirecTV Now offers: 3 streams of 40+ channels in the basic plan, 20 hour cloud DVR, No Local Channels.

Th run these services you will need a minimum of 12x1 (meg per sec) internet service. 25x10 (meg per sec) would be the suggested minimum speed for good HD service on multiple TV streams.

Many of these systems will give you a free trial to test them out. Give them a try and cut the cord once and for all.


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