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Posted 10/10/2020 in Basic Help

Wifi Boosters

Wifi Boosters

For those of you that have wifi repeaters or extenders and they just don't seem to help or they may even make the system worse. Here is one of the biggest mistakes when it comes to wifi repeater installation.

The biggest problem is usually people install the repeater, booster or extender ( what ever you want to call it) in the wrong place. What I mean by that is, the signal from the main router or modem is not strong enough to reach the location where the home owner places the repeater. You do not want to boost a weak wifi signal!

Here is a brief example of how a wifi extender system should be set up:

  • The modem or main router that is controlling the network will be placed somewhere in the home. It doesn't matter where, but the center of the house is usually best. 
  • Now before you plug in the repeater or extender, use your cell phone with the wifi app open to make sure the area has a good wifi signal coming from the main router.. This is the app you open to view wifi signals in the area.
  • once you have determined that you have a good wifi signal from the router do a speed test and verify you have good speeds. ("Google" speed test, then click the blue button.) Do this right next to the main router to see what the best wifi speeds are that your router can put out. Then again in the area you want to place the booster. If you are getting 60% of what you got at the main router that is good.
  • With good speed test results plug in the repeater and set it up according to factory paper work that it came with.
  • Done...

You do not put the extender in the room you need better wifi, you put it in a room or area that has good wifi and then the repeater repeats or extends the signal to the dead spots. You do not want to boost a bad signal....

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